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Complaints Procedure


Rules concerning complaints:


The Rules concerning complaints include information for the customer related to the complaint procedure in regard to goods purchased from the e-shop. These Rules have been compiled in accordance with the Civil Code and are applicable to claims concerning products during their warranty period.

The Seller shall provide goods together with all their related documentation. The customer shall confirm the acceptance of the goods and his/her agreement with the warranty conditions by signing the delivery note. Understood as acceptance of the goods is the acceptance of the goods from the carrier. Should the customer discover any discrepancy between the delivery note and the goods actually delivered (in kind or in quantity) or should s/he not receive a duly completed delivery note together with the shipment, s/he is obliged,  in a timely manner (within 72 hours), to send a message to the email address: Failure to do so may result in the possibility that a delayed claim will not be recognised. The product warranty period is 24 months, or longer, in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty.
The buyer shall notify the Seller in writing in regard to any defects discovered. Complaints concerning mechanical damage to the product will not be recognised. The Buyer shall send any defective goods, together with written notification that must also include the choice of the implementation of the Buyer's rights in accordance with the law, in packaging that prevents damage to the product during transport, to the address:
René Melichárek, Jana Růžičky 1143, 148 00, Prague 4; e-mail:
With the complaint it is necessary in every instance to submit a copy of proof of the purchase and delivery of the goods which are claimed to be defective. The goods must be returned in their complete state, including manuals and other accessories, and in their original packaging. Based on the available evidence the next steps for dealing with the complaint will be assessed and determined. The time-period for the settlement of the complaint between the Seller and the Buyer shall be extended for the period necessary, including the time for the transportation of the goods, during which the manufacturer will assess the complaint, with the proviso that the Seller shall send the Buyer a preliminary report regarding the complaint no later than ten working days subsequent to the receipt of the complaint. Claims of liability for defects shall not be applicable to defects caused by improper use or treatment. The Seller will consider complaints in accordance with the instructions defined by the manufacturer of the goods. Should the complaint be found to be justified, the Seller shall dispatch the replacement goods immediately after receiving the goods claimed, or refund the entire amount paid.